Adventure Signatures : Rail Europe

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High Speed Trains
Departing from spectacular St. Pancras International station, the high speed train journey through the Channel Tunnel takes me a mere 2h15 to reach the heart of Paris, and 2h01 to the centre of the cosmopolitan Brussels.
The most convinient way to travel from France to bordering countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.
Also known as the Red Train. Links Paris to major cities in Belgium, Germany and Netherlands, Switzerland and Netherlands in a high speed comfort.
ICE trains (InterCity-Express) that serves most German cities at regular and frequent intervals, as well as international routes between Germany and Belgium, Then Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and France.
In all classes, enjoy leather seats and stay connected with Wi-Fi all along the way. The high speed Italo trains connect Italy's main cities at very affordable prices.
Get ready to make the most of your time between Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Vallencia with AVE trains. Book early in this train to experience Spain's major cities and get up to 60% discount.

Swiss Travel System
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Night Trains
The night train that operates between Paris<>Milan/Venice.
City Night Line
train offers frequent services between major European cities to/from Germany including Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Munich, Prague, Rome and Zurich to mention a few.