Refund Process

  1. Paper ticket for refund (partially or totally unused ticket) - traveler must send to Travel Counselor the unused paper ticket. Processing time starts upon receipt of the unused ticket.
  2. For e‐ticket - traveler must email the Refund Request Application including the Company name and the complete name of the traveler to Travel Counselor.
  3. Airline refund processing starts upon AITI’s submission of the refund application to airlines.
    1. Tickets cancelled on the same day of issuance 
      • no need to apply for refund
      • tickets cancelled by the traveler on the same day of issuance can be cancelled or “voided” in the system
      • a cancellation fee or NUF (Non‐Users Fee) will be charged by AITI/Airline
    2. Tickets cancelled day after the issuance
      • subject for refund
      • tickets cancelled by the traveler the following day or not on the same day of issuance cannot be “voided” in the system. This is a policy strictly imposed by all airlines
      • airline refund takes 3‐6 months (dependent on airline procedures, computation and timelines)
      • refund charge processing fees for both the airline and AMEX applies plus  NUF (non-users fee) if applicable
    3. Requirements for claiming refunds
      • tickets whether all or partially unused must be paid in full prior release of the refunds
      • as per airline policy - tickets not voided within the same day of issuance can no longer be voided in the system. The tickets will be considered good tickets and therefore due for payment to the airlines
      • airlines are directly responsible for computing the actual refund value of partially used tickets